Artwork (2)

I have a shirt idea for you…

If you have an idea for a shirt or other pinball swag, please let us know by using the contact us page.

Where do you get your Artwork from?

All of our artwork is either created by PinballShirts.com or artists that have given PinballShirts.com permission to use their artwork.

Pre-Orders (1)

Why we sometimes do pre-orders for new shirts

Sometimes we will do a pre-order for a new shirt design for a short period of 7-14 days.  This allows us to determine the correct quantity of shirts to order in the first batch as well as the correct proportion of sizes.

We will always offer a discount for those that choose to pre-order a shirt prior to its release.  Currently pre-ordering a shirt will save you $2 a shirt.

We do not believe in lengthy pre-order periods, so generally the new shirt will only be available for pre-order for 1 to 2 weeks.  This means that if you pre-order early on, you should still receive your shirt in around 30 days.

Quality (2)

What type of shirts do you use?

We are committed to using only high quality shirts.  Currently we are using Gildan 6.1 oz Ultra Cotton shirts, but depending on color availability we may also use Haines Beefy T’s on occasion.  Both are considerably higher quality shirts than the standard shirts used in screen printing.

What type of printing process do you use?

Because we strive to deliver shirts of the highest quality, generally we will use whichever method delivers the highest quality shirts.

Most of the time this means either water based inks or discharge ink printing instead of the normal plastisol ink.  Most screen printers print using plastisol ink, but many of our designs would require a large volume of plastisol to be screened on the shirt causing it to feel heavy and crack after just a few washes.

On dark shirts we generally use discharge ink printing which actually changes the dye color of the shirt and has a very soft feel since it becomes part of the fiber of the shirt.  On lighter colored shirts water based ink achieves the same effect.

Printing with water based or discharge ink is generally slightly more expensive, but yields significantly higher quality shirts.

Shipping (2)

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship within the USA.  We are looking at options to allow us to economically ship to Canada and other locations but currently do not have an ETA.

What method will you use for shipping?

Most likely we’ll be using Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service for any addresses in the USA as they will give us delivery confirmation and provide packing materials.  This also allows for 2-3 day delivery time-frames for in stock shirts.

Any addresses outside the USA might use a different shipping method.