Games like blackjack, roulette, and slot machines often grab the headlines for cheating. The rules are easy to maneuver around and to manipulate.

Games of chance, such as sexy baccarat, seem a lot more difficult to hack. But it may be surprise to hear that baccarat also manages to draw quite a few scammers. So, consider this guide on how to cheat. The benefit of knowing these strategies is that you’ll be aware of how someone can cheat you.


#1: False Shuffling

In this method, the dealer and the player must work together. The cards are pre-arranged so that they meet a specific order.

The player then raises and lowers the stakes based upon the next card, which will come. This gives the player the edge and lets him/her go home with a lot of money.

But, keep in mind, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. The dealer and the player must be working together; otherwise, it would all blow up in your face.


#2: Card Marking

This is by far the oldest way of cheating in gambling. This keeps the player aware of the card that’s going to appear next. In baccarat, players often mark the 8s and 9s to win.

There are many ways to go about this, which would seem invisible to the dealer. Gamblers have used invisible ink and special contact lenses. But the casinos have caught on to this, and are now very cautious about the invisible ink.


#3: Chip Dumping

This also requires the dealer and the player to be working together. It’s the act of wrongfully placing another dollar token on the winner’s pile.

For example, if the player bets and wins $10, the dealer discreetly places another $10. This doubles the win of the player.

There is a high risk in this, though. If any other player notices this, you may be banned from the casino. So, be careful!


#4: Swapping Cards

The bigger baccarat tables give players a chance to handle the cards. This gives light to a group scam called swapping cards.

The player uses double-sided tape on their sleeve, which helps them remove the top card. This requires a lot of discretion to get done correctly. Otherwise, you could get caught very easily.


Cheating is Illegal, Play Safe!

Some of these methods are very simple. They require some dirty allegiances, and you should be good to go. But some are very complicated, which need digital devices and tapes. It all comes down to whether all of this effort is really worth it?

Well, no. It isn’t worth it. You could be risking everything only to be thrown behind bars. All of these cheating methods mentioned above are illegal. It is wrong to cheat, and if ever caught, you can face a lot of trouble.


It’s better to play safe. You get to have fun, and you get to make legal money. There is no fear of back-alley fights or arrest warrants for your name. You are clean, and you have the right to play to your heart’s desire.

We can guarantee that you will not feel the true essence of enjoyment unless it is genuine and legitimate.