Baccarat has been a game for the elite for centuries. Originating from France, this game has taken over the hearts of the gamblers from all over the world. Baccarat has evolved across each continent, but the thrill of the game is the same.

There have been some gamblers that have dedicated themselves to the game. They have played baccarat in all its forms to understand the true essence of it. They have mastered the game and are now making a living out of it!

Imagine winning millions of dollars by a game of chance. That requires some serious skill!

Here we’ve compiled the success stories of three of the most legendary baccarat players.


Kerry Packer (1937 – 2005) 

This Australian media mogul rose to become the country’s richest man. He allegedly died with a net worth of $6.5 billion.

His wealth made it easier for him to compete in high-rolling baccarat tables. It was actually very common for him to take multimillion-dollar hits in just a weekend. But that didn’t stop him. In one of his gambling vacations, he won up to $13 million in baccarat!

Packer had a strategy to win baccarat. He had a photographic memory that helped him remember the shoe. He also had the ability to instantly calculate baccarat odds. These skills gave him an edge on the baccarat tables.


Archie Karas 

Archie Karas is known for “The Run,” which is regarded as the greatest run in gambling history. He started off with a loan of $10,000, which he later turned into $40 million.

His story began in 1992. He was on his way to Vegas with $50 in his pocket and took a loan of $10,000 from his friend and turned it into $17 million dollars through pool and poker.

He then turned towards craps tables. Here he managed to win $23 million. By 1995, his net worth rose to $40 million!

These winning streaks gave him the title of the founder of “The Run.”


Tommy Renzoni

Renzoni was the man who brought baccarat to American casinos in the 1950s. The game was first brought to Argentina, where it became known as punto banco. Eventually, baccarat came to Cuba. Here Renzoni worked at one of the local casinos.

He predicted that baccarat would be a hit in the Las Vegas casinos. He then moved to America and proposed the game to the Sands casinos. Sands casinos made it a game of the elite with dress-codes and roped-off areas.

The high-rolling game then became famous all over America. Now, there is also a low-stakes “mini” version.

He has since been known as the father of American baccarat.


In Conclusion

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